Windows7 system security bodyguard (2)

Backup and restore features in Windows7

Backup and restore features are also further improved in Windows 7, creating secure copies for user important personal files, always ready for the worst case.

Backup and restore

In Windows7 systems, users can select content to be backed up, such as folders, libraries, and even drivers, and system can back up according to any of the options. If you use a Windows7 Professional or Ultimate, users can also choose to back up files to the network.

Users can choose backup content

The restore feature in the Windows7 system can help users restore their needs from the backup files.

After backup, you can choose to restore files.

Windows defender feature in Windows7 system

Windows Defender is a program for removing, isolating, and preventing spyware, can perform real-time monitoring, removing installed ActiveX plugins, clearing the history of most Microsoft programs and other common programs, is a defense spyware And other unwanted software *** road defense lines.

Windows Defender

In the Windows 7 system, Windows Defender feature is easier to use, with more convenient notification, more scan options, while reducing the impact on computer performance. At the same time, in Windows 7, with a new feature called “Cleanup System”, just click, you can clear all suspicious software, and Windows Defender has become part of the operation center, which can help delete spyware in your computer. .

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