Use wheat coffee to prohibit IIS analysis vulnerability

Mai’s anti-virus ability is not good, but the file defense ability can say ***, this time, how to use Mai coffee to prohibit IIS analysis vulnerability.

Open the console – access protection – custom – new

This is a refusal 1.ASP; 1.JPG resolved vulnerability

Create a rule below, this is a deformity directory

This can reject the directory such as 1.asp

Although the directory can be established, the directory is forbidden to read, and the hacker who is forbidden to write can only stand.

Mai coffee prohibits IIS analysis of the vulnerability configuration steps, I hope everyone has already mastered and understands. We introduce you to the basic user safety of wheat coffee in the previous article, and hope to be interested in readers.

The reinforcement server anti-network is hanging Matology and then hooked by the hacker. The server is used for fishing top ten steps to help you build a safe personal web server.