483 accounts were black, with $ 34 million was attacked by a network, confirmed that there were 483 accounts that were black, and the value of $ 34 million encrypted currency was cocked. event analysis

From the daily trading volume, is the third largest encryption currency trading platform in the world. This platform is designed to accelerate the transition of global to encrypted currencies. On January 17, the risk monitoring system detected that there was an account in an unauthorized suspicious activity, and the user has traded without dualistic authentication. After analyzing confirmed that there were 483 accounts affected by this network attack.

Researchers analyzed that encrypted currency values ??affected by this black event between 15 million to $ 33 million. Finally confirmed that there is a $ 33.8 million of bitcoin, withdrawal with large and other various encrypted currencies. Among them, 443.93BTC, worth approximately $ 186.136 million, 4836.26th, worth approximately $ 15.125 million, and other digital currencies worth $ 66,000.

However, Marszalek emphasizes that the security team responds and evaluates the impact of the event, and all the upings of the platform are aborted, and customer funds are unaffected. In order to prevent cash activity, the underlying line is about 14 hours until January 18, 2022 is restored. All withdrawal deals is restored before January 18, 2022.

Security measures taken by

Affected by the event, the platform has adopted new security reinforcement measures and withdrew the bids of all users token. In addition, the user is required to log in to the App to set the new dual factor authentication token.

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