Six major NAGIOS FAQ solutions

Nagios FAQ 1: IT APPEARS AS Though you do not available for any of the hosts you request Temporary solution: Sed -i ‘s / us_authentication = 1 / use_authentication = 0 / g’ /usr/local/nagios/etc/cgi.cfg (Cancellation of authentication can browse host status but cannot perform external commands on the NAGIOS web end) solve: Users who log […]

Detection Cobalt Strike only uses 40 lines of code

Trojans that have no file landing are mainly composed of Shellcode, which can be self-located. It is characterized by no files, which can be added to any process. Once the signature is captured or even only the XOR can change the signature, the traditional security software is based on file detection, and there is more […]

How to defend a browser-based network attack

Browser-based network threats are already a problem with a lot of network security professionals in today’s today, then how do we defend against a browser-based cyber attack? 1. Adopt the latest and advanced malware detection technology, assess JavaScript and Flash data, extract content, check static and dynamic abnormalities E.g: (1) Static-structural abnormalities An unusual shellcode […]

A unable to detect Linux malware – DOKI

The INTEZER researchers found a Linux malware-Doki that used non-file technology to bypass the test. Since the uploaded to Virustotal on January 14, 2020, 60 malware detection engines have been tested and analyzed. Doki successfully bypasses these engine detection, and its attack is mainly a Docker server on public cloud platform, including AWS, Azure, and […]

12 risks without server technology

In recent years, there is no significant growth in server computing technology, and is also accompanied by the flourishing of new solution ecosystems. These new solutions provide observability, real-time tracking, deployment framework, and application security. With the safety risks of server, those who laughed and cynicies so-called “ful” – fear, uncertain, doubt – habits have […]

Targeting a Linux system!Attacker transforming penetration test tools Cobalt strike compatible Linux beacons

On September 13, the safety researchers found a Cobalt Strike Beaconux version made from unknown hackers to expand their target attacks worldwide. These attacks are for telecommunications companies, government agencies, IT companies, financial institutions and consulting companies. The threat of code to Vermil is modified a version of the Cobalt Strike, and CobalTStrike is a […]

Ensure system security Win7 top ten taboo services

I believe that this name for Windows7 is already very familiar. In addition to inheriting and transcending Vista’s beautiful interface, humanized taskbar, and there is XP compatibility Encyclopedia, is really a nice operating system in this world. The failure of Vista In addition to its “powerful” incompatibility, the second failure is a resource, while Windows […]

How to play the “combination punch” of information anti-leakage?

Information anti-leakage is an overall plan including encryption, management, auditing, monitoring, etc., information anti-leakage requires “combination”. However, in which both encryption, management, audit is monitored, there are single functional products in the market. In this regard, the company is to buy multiple single-function products to combine information anti-leakage systems, or use a manufacturer’s integrated information […]

Linux Security and Netfilter / iptables

Linux becomes very popular in IT industry due to their robust, reliability, flexibility, and as unlimited range. Linux has many built-in capabilities that enable developers to customize their tools, behaviors and appearance according to their needs without expensive third-party tools. If the Linux system is connected to the Internet or LAN, the server, or the […]