Akamai: winning pirated crimes “unlimited war”, the Internet needs more powerful protection measures

February 10, 202 – Responsible for supporting and protecting digital experiences and aware of Solutions for global companies (Akamai Technologies, Inc., refrylica to Akamai) (NASDAQ: Akam) is released today The latest research report, which analyzes the status quo of network piracy continues to prevail. As the latest issue in the Akamai “Internet Security” series report, […]

Linux system security system optimization (1)

Linux server introduction As a system administrator, let’s talk about the server-based Linux. First, you must clear a point of view: on the server, upgrade, and modify any profile or software, you must first consider security, the better, the better, this is why Linux management feels and Windows Different places, first recommend everyone to use […]

What safety threats are facing?

For a new server, our primary task is to ensure its security, this article is a explanation of some knowledge of server security, ensuring security to ensure the stability of the server space. To learn more about these, we must know the threats facing the server, in order to determine some resolution, let’s take the […]

How to protect Windows networks from Lesssso software attacks

The well-known car manufacturer Honda has recently received lesso software attacks, and its customer service and financial services are affected from varying degrees. Some Security has conducted a survey of this Lee Software Attack. According to the sample found in the VirustAl database, the company seems to have become the attack target of Snake Lee […]

Malware, service is a new issue facing

The researchers warned that the easy-to-use malware, the service plan is booming. In the past year, almost two-thirds of malware activities. It turns out that malware is a useful network criminal, which is hoped to take part of the network lessif, but does not necessarily have a network criminal that develops malware skills. According to […]

French Industrial Bank commercial confidential confidentiality

An employee, a deep trusted internal staff steals the company’s most sensitive data – the company’s commercial confidentiality, which is not a nightmare for any company. This nightmare may have become a reality for the French Industrial Bank. This bank found that the proprietary code used in its high frequency trading system was stolen. A […]

FreeBSD 6.x privilege lifting vulnerability

Impact version: FreeBSD 6.x Vulnerability Description: FreeBSD is an open source operating system. FreeBSD There are multiple security issues: -Kqueues-related PIPE “Close ()” implementation has an incorrect use error, which can lead to available NULL pointer vulnerabilities, kernel memory damage, and other unpredictable results. Successful use of vulnerabilities can result in privilegetion, kernel data destruction […]

Windows network reinforcement based on D3FEND security matrix

Mitre has released a D3FEND security matrix not long ago, a strategic map that helps enterprises to better deal with network security threats, which provides a way to strengthen network, detection, and isolation threats, and deceive from the network and deported attackers. method. This article focuses on how Windows system administrators reinforce the network in […]