Automatic OR manual: How to choose penetration test?

Infiltration tests allow companies to understand the effectiveness or insufficient existing safety measures, thereby helping them to adjust security projects and actively discover vulnerabilities. Although most companies are familiar with and manual infiltration test, the permeation test has become an alternative choice. Automatic penetration testing and manual penetration testing are detrimental? You may wish to […]

Introduction of internal network security

1. Introduction to internal network security The case where the information leaked in the last or two years is uncommon, such as the customer’s information caused by the deputy employee of HSBC, the design data of a large shipyard in China is illegal. Moreover, with the popularity of P2P applications, more and more enterprise network […]

Microsoft solves the Windows 7 black screen crash problem

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft officially released Windows 7 RTM and won unanimous praise from users. However, installing Windows 7 on some computers is not a simple task, especially the widespread compatibility and support problems according to Microsoft, Windows 7 does not work well in computers configured […]

How to ensure the security of the API interface?

First, abstract In the actual business development process, we often encounter technical docking with third-party Internet companies, such as Alipay payment docking, WeChat payment docking, Gaode Map Query, if you are an entrepreneurial Internet, big Part may be a contact with the company API interface. When your company is getting up, there may be some […]

Forecast for the development trend of supply chain, lesso software, zero trust and other security fields in 2022

At the past 2021, Solarwinds supply chain attack events and Colonial Pipeline encountered major network security events such as Lesssson software attacks, and also improved the network security awareness of decision makers. The United States issued an administrative order on cyber security in May 2021, issued a clear information on the priorities of the government: […]

Second “Torn Ticket”?How to deal with new threats in double lesles

Today, many companies have begun to attack the lesser attacks that may suffer from their IT infrastructure. In this regard, the attacker has begun “Drilling” new strategy to continue to seek profits, “Double Less” attacks thus yet. Network criminals will use victims to urgently need to resume operational panic psychology, and they pay high-ranging ransoms; […]

Linux host security check in emergency response system

We avoid the safety of the system when we are doing host security checks or security incidents. When performing a Linux security check, you need to use the relevant script to fully analyze the security situation of the system. On the one hand, the relevant information of the system needs to increase the efficiency as […]