Symantec Bers 2010 new Linux backup restore

Symantec launched a new version of backupexec system recovery 2010 (bers 2010), which supports the data backup and restore function of Linux system, and provides free bers management solution 2010 management tools the new version of bers 2010 can support Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, active directory, windows server, SQL server and VMware ESX […]

Intranet security technology involves privacy and cloud computing

The behavior of intact security can discover many “inner ghosts” of the internal network, but the domestic controversy is controversial for “whether the behavioral audit violates personal privacy”. From a business perspective, deployment behavioral monitoring and behavioral auditing products are unable, this is an important step in corporate compliance. For example, Archive and Auditor, this […]

What is domain hijacker?How to deal with domain name hijacking

The application of the Internet is growing in our lives, and the application in work is increasing. Under the addition of many equipment, the network environment has also become more complicated. Therefore, in the process of operating the website, we often have a website that cannot be opened, or when it is opened to other […]

Development trend and solutions for internal network safety management in power industry

Internal Web Security Configuration Management Solution Configuration Management mainly completes the collection of various information of the terminal computer and the configuration of system parameters. By configuration management, IT managers can accurately grasp the configuration status and running parameters of each terminal computer, and remotely modify the running parameters of the terminal computer in batches. […]

Create a UNIX back door (advanced article)

The CRONTAB program is very useful for system administrators. The cron service is used to operate at a specific time (month, day, week, time, minute). If you are smart enough, you should use it to make it “back door”! With the cron service, you can make it at 2:00 am every day (this time the […]

I understand Python sandbox escape

Let the user submit the Python code and execute on the server, is some OJ, quantify the important service, and many CTFs also have similar questions. In order not to let the malicious user perform any Python code, you need to make sure Python is running in the sandbox. Sandbox often disables some sensitive functions, […]


The IT industry has developed to the present, and the security issue has become critical. From the recent “prism door” incident, it has reflected a lot of security issues, and the information security issue has become unobstructed, and as a operator, you must understand Some safe transport programs, at the same time, to protect the […]

Practical skills: VNC remote control under SUSE Linux system

LINUX uses VNC to perform graphical interface remote desktop control. 1. Enable SUSE remote control SUSE defaults to install VNC, open YaST, Network Services, Remote Administration, select “Allow Remote Management”, in the following options, and select “Open Firewall Port”. Click to complete. 2, start the VNC service. After SSH is logged in, execute the vncserver […]