Test the phishing website through 6 feature fields in the web page

You may think that the phishing website is difficult to detect and track, but in fact, many phishing websites include the only HTML fragment that identifies them. This article will be described as an example with the Royal Milomail phishing website, which includes string CSS_4WJOZGK8CCMNS2W9MFWVMVZNPZPMMIYYSOUQ4_0NulQo. These long and random strings are the great indicators of […]

System security full defending my UNIX system account

If your account is unsafe, then the other steps you use will be imaginary. About UNIX security, password security, and the specific steps taken for each type of account are important issues that require concern. Password security Be sure to ensure that all users have a password that is not guessed. In order to protect […]

Internal Web Safety Technology Selection

Introduction to the internal network security concerns include technologies such as monitoring, auditing, encryption, etc., there are both single-function products, and integrated solutions, then implement information anti-leakage management, is a single function of enterprises to purchase multiple single features Products from the main build system, or the overall solution provided by the manufacturer? We need […]

Let the Windows 7 have more secure account settings

Inside the Help file of Windows 7, there is a question. Why use a standard user account instead of an administrator account? Microsoft mentioned two points in the reply, it is safer to make Windows 7. 1. Standard accounts prevent users from making changes to all users of the computer (such as deleting files needed […]

14 Linux system security small coups, there is always a trick!

For Internet IT practitioners, more and more work will gradually move above Linux systems. At this point, whether it is development, operation and maintenance, testing should be deep. There was a technical survey website W3Techs issued a survey report in November 2018. The report showing that Linux is as high as 37.2% in the system […]

CISSP Training Video: Safety Architecture and Design

In this video demo, Shon Harris details the security architecture and design sections, including system components, system protection, CPU, and memory management. The International Registration Information System Security Expert (CISSP) security architecture and design part focuses on the architecture of the computing system and how security is integrated into the architecture level. In this multimedia […]

Save the third season of the rescue operation

The rescue series is a long-term video special event of 51CTO, which has been held in two seasons. The theme of this season is the company’s anti-virus. At the beginning of many growth enterprises, they are used to using single-alone anti-virus software. However, when companies have developed to a certain extent, the demand for centralized […]