15 security techniques for MacOS (1)

Since 2004, I have been using MacOS every day. Since OSX panther (released in October 2003), I have used every version of the operating system, and since lion10 7 (released in July 2011), I have conducted beta testing on each version of MacOS every year. Although this may sound cumbersome, I will learn all about […]

Mail server software security analysis

Mail server software security analysis In 2011, as the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” opening, all walks of business institutions face huge “specialization, informationization” change. The application of the mail server software in the company also has become more and more in the reform. Thus, information management and security monitoring must be a key attention. Enterprises The […]

FreeBSD Safety Connection SSL

In the usual connection mode, communication is propagated on the network in a non-encrypted form, which is likely to be illegally eavesdropped, especially for authentication. In order to avoid this security vulnerability, the transmission process must be encrypted. The protocol for encrypting HTTP transmission is https, which is a protocol for HTTP transmission through SSL […]

Next generation firewall key technology

How many generations of firewalls? Siri: “Sorry, it is difficult to answer your question.” Although the firewall is a network device, its function does not need to interconnect between other firewalls, so there is no “interconnected” standardization. The firewall is a software system that overlaps different functions on a L2 / L3 network device. The […]

Linux: Build a secure FTP service using VSFTPD (Figure)

The security hidden dangers of the FTP protocol cannot be refused to use FTP. This article describes a method of building a security FTP service. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an agreement with high frequency users on the Internet. It is based on client / server architecture, primarily to provide users’ file transfer and uploading. […]

How to optimize Linux system hard drives more effective

In the Windows system, disk debris is a common problem. If not paying attention, system performance may be eroded. Linux uses the second extension file system (EXT2), which handles file storage in a completely different way. Linux does not have the problem found in a Windows system, which makes many people think that disk fragmentation […]