Use wheat coffee to prohibit IIS analysis vulnerability

Mai’s anti-virus ability is not good, but the file defense ability can say ***, this time, how to use Mai coffee to prohibit IIS analysis vulnerability. Open the console – access protection – custom – new This is a refusal 1.ASP; 1.JPG resolved vulnerability Create a rule below, this is a deformity directory This can […]

Use Lynis to scan Linux security

Have you ever thought about your Linux machine until safe? Linux distribution, each release has its own default settings, you run dozens of versions of each other, there are many services Run in the background, and we have hardly know or don’t care about it. To determine security, you can run several commands to get […]

Windows7 system security bodyguard (2)

Backup and restore features in Windows7 Backup and restore features are also further improved in Windows 7, creating secure copies for user important personal files, always ready for the worst case. Backup and restore In Windows7 systems, users can select content to be backed up, such as folders, libraries, and even drivers, and system can […]

NAGIOS monitoring Windows server process analysis

Nagios Monitoring Windows Server Processes As described below: The difference between nsclient and nrpe *** is: 1. NRPE is installed on the monitors, and there are also plugins, and final monitoring is made by these plugins. When the monitoring host sends the monitor request to NRPE, NRPE calls the plugin to complete the monitoring. 2.NSCLIENT, […] 483 accounts were black, with $ 34 million was attacked by a network, confirmed that there were 483 accounts that were black, and the value of $ 34 million encrypted currency was cocked. event analysis From the daily trading volume, is the third largest encryption currency trading platform in the world. This platform is designed to accelerate the transition of […]

Linux popular virus family & cleaning method highlights

Unlike the five-flowers of the five flowers under Windows, there are several families with large infection in linux. However, these families occupy most of the world’s infected hosts, almost show the trend of monopoly. This article introduces 7 more common popular malware families under the Linux environment, and its corresponding clearance steps. Seven malware families […]

Forced Access Control System under FreeBSD TrustedBSD Mac Tutorial

In traditional UNIX systems, DAC protection measures include file access modes and access control lists; and Mac provides process control and firewalls. TrustedBSD plans to combine the core FreeBSD release with the trusted security components that meet the information technology security assessment criteria (ITSEC). These components provide a large number of different modules that ensure […]

Security Raiders for UNIX Emergency Response

Remember: Now every step of the victim can now change the existing evidence or lead to the loss of sensitive information! {{Initial response}}} Objective: Overview of the emergency outline is initially determined before the judicial identification replication is performed. ============== Create a response kit ============== We investigate the system, you must execute commands with highly […]